American Natural Super Collagen Review

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Healthy Living Association Rewind The Clock On Your Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints, and Wipe Away Cellulite With The All-Natural American Natural Super Collagen Peptides Blend. Stop Letting Father Time Win… Fight Back With Collagen Peptides & Biotin! With “American Super Collagen” You don’t have to give into aging. You don’t have to live with dry, sagging, crepe paper skin and deepening smiles lines around your eyes and mouth. You don’t have to live with achy joints. You don’t have to put up with embarrassing cellulite. You don’t have to live with leaky gut and life-altering digestive issues. New research shows that you can fight back against ALL these problems with collagen peptides.

What Is American Natural Super Collagen?

American Natural Super Collagen Supplement by Christina Henderson We’ve all tried those trendy skin treatments that promise to restore youthful skin. But the reality is often horrifying and humiliating. Here’s the brutal truth: scraping, burning, or chemically treating is usually NOT GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. You need to rebuild your skin from the inside out by replacing the natural collagen your body stops producing. Most of our customers like to add their collagen to a warm beverage in the morning as it tends to dissolve better. But since it acts like gelatin when you cook it you can add it to soups, dips, desserts and ice cream! It also makes a great addition to your daily smoothie as it makes your smoothie… smoother!

Simple Steps:

We Include Our Exclusive Blend To Make Sure You Get  The Most Out of Your Mix, No Other Collagen Mix Has All This:

  • BPCP: Bovine, piscine, fowl and eggshell collagen: 11,000 mg of Type I and III collagen in every scoop for maximum effect on your body. Most other collagen blends only include bovine collagen, or Type I collagen. Piscine (or collagen derived from mercury-free fish) collagen is the most effective at improving your skin, hair, nail and bone quality. Plus fowl collagen includes Type III collagen which is what will improve joint cartilage. Studies on eggshell membrane show it can help heal inflammation and painful joints too.
  • Biotin ingredients for healthy and strong skin, hair and nails. Plus it supports thyroid and adrenal function, protects brain function and fights cognitive decline. Biotin also supports thyroid and adrenal function and helps build and repair muscles!
  • Bamboo Extract ingredients, which is a great way to nourish your hair, nails, skin and organs that depend on silica to be healthy. Silica is one of the primary minerals in collagen, so when you supplement it in your diet your body makes more collagen. Bamboo extract has the highest silica content by weight of any supplement!
  • Vitamin C, which helps your body process collagen correctly. When taken orally along with collagen it activates the body’s own mechanisms for producing collagen, making your collagen supplement 2-3x more effective.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is necessary to bind collagen with the elastin in your body. In a double-blind, 4 week study, individuals who added hyaluronic acid and collagen to their diet showed significant reductions in skin dryness, wrinkles, and improvements in skin moisture and fullness.

Some Special Features:

  • We Use the Highest Bioavailability Ingredients
  • A study suggests that more than 90% of this collagen blend is digested and available as small peptides in the blood stream within one hour.
  • Our mix includes 11,000 milligrams of organic, grass-fed collagen peptides in every scoop!
  • We Only Use Natural and Organic Sources, No Filler Sweeteners, No Gluten
  • You’d be shocked at how many supplements use lab-grown and factory-made substances in their formulas. Not us, we only use organic, natural, non-GMO ingredients from natural sources so you can be sure that you’re getting the real benefits from your formula.
  • Plus our mix is tested to be 100% HEAVY METAL FREE.
  • Our mix is also paleo and keto friendly so it won’t knock you off your diet!
  • We Make It Right Here In The USA
  • We source our high-quality ingredients and mixing right here in the US so we could make sure its of the highest quality. The collagen peptides come from Bartels Farms in Eugene Oregon.


How Does It Work?

American Natural Super Collagen Supplement It turns out collagen is like a plastic bag and the fat is like the groceries inside that bag. As you age the bag gets thinner and the groceries start to bulge out. Supplementing collagen repairs this bag by making it thicker, and simply covers the cellulite to make it less visible. Plus American Super Collagen helps repair your joints, which explains why my elbow pain went away. AND – as if this wasn’t all pretty great as it is – collagen can help you lose weight. It provides protein, helps suppress appetite and increases energy levels, thereby helping you lose weight.


  • Healthy Living Association American Natural Super Collagen Wipe away ugly wrinkles, crepe-paper skin, and cellulite.
  • Rejuvenate your joints and start your pain-free life today.
  • Heal your leaky gut!
  • 100% natural, GMO, gluten, soy, dairy, nut, and hormone free.
  • 11,000mg of high quality, organic bovine, piscine, fowl and eggshell collagen in every scoop!
  • A full month supply in every bottle!
  • Plus our empty bottle guarantee.
  • Lustrous, Soft Skin Without Deep Wrinkles and Crepe-Paper Skin.
  • Gorgeous, Full Hair and Strong, Shiny Nails.
  • Less Cellulite- By Restoring the Skin Around It.
  • Shedding Pounds Easily With Collagen.
  • Smooth, Pain-Free Joints.
  • Life Without Leaky Gut and All The Awful Issues It Causes.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to buy this product, because it is available online only.
  • It doesn’t find in any local pharmacy but in amazon available.



My opinion American Natural Super Collagen is highly recommended, In less than 2 weeks of daily collagen doses, I was totally without cellulite!!! As in GONE! I’ve had cellulite since I was 10 (thanks family heredity) Wearing shorts has always been a bit uncomfortable for me, never wanting to cross my legs knowing those cute little dimples would run the length of my outer thighs. As I’ve gotten older, the familiar rippled skin was visible even just standing, starting just above my knees. So you can imagine my absolute surprise when stepping out of the shower one day to perfectly smooth skin. Seriously, even as I write this, I’m looking down at smooth legs where bumpy legs used to live. And after about 3 months of continued use, I can say fine lines around my eyes have softened. TRY IT!!


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