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Racer Sharp Review

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How Timothy “Tim” Sharpe Created a Breakthrough Precision Tipping Service Formula exposed 196.5pts Profit In 60 Days Winning 80.5% Of Your Bets. What Would That Mean To Your Betting Bank?. Make 2019 your most accurate year yet! Looking for winners. Here “Racer Sharp” The perfect choice. In fact, This system shows you how to win in horse races, and somehow that luck will bend in your favor. It has been tested in extensive testing in a practical environment that shows you real money bets. So, you can minimize the risk and maximize the profit level in few days.

What Is Racer Sharp?

Racer Sharp program the best horse racing betting system today, If you hate losing, you will love Tim Sharpe’s service. Its called… Tim hates losing too and puts all his focus onto winning as many bets as possible. As you probably know 100% when you’re betting to win is not possible but Tim has won at a rate of 80.5% over the last 60 days. This has made him 196.5pts profit, which to level £50 bets has seen him bank £9,825 profit over that 2 month stretch. He’s got an offer that could interest you. Bare in mind he’s averaging £163.75 profit per day and I think you’ll agree this is an offer you can’t say no to. Betting at level £50 bets would have seen you bank £9,825 in the last 60 days. All Tim is asking for is just 50p per day to trial his very accurate service.

Time to make the bookies nervous! 100pts profit per month Don’t settle for less than 75% wins, If you’re winning less than 75% of your bets Tim Sharpe wants you to take note! His Racer Sharp service offers pinpoint win bets that come in over 80% of the time. He says… “Don’t settle for less!” and he’s averaging close to 100pts profit per month. If you want to make the bookies very nervous every time you place a bet, make sure you’re placing Tim’s bets. Get today’s bets.

Simple Steps:

  • First: Bets are sent daily, they will be sent on the day well before the off, usually around 9.30am GMT.
  • Next: With the tips, you receive in your email you can place your bets on winning the horse.
  • Finally: Finally you can claim your jackpot by winning double or triple the amount from horse betting.

Some Special Features:

Do we bet every day? Most of the time there will be bets, but some times we have non runners or race conditions are just not suitable or I am not able to give the necessary time to making the selections. I only bet when I feel 100%.

How much do I need to bet? This depends on your starting bank, I will explain more about this in your welcome package but I would suggest starting on the smaller side and you can always increase your stakes once your more comfortable with how the things work. Never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

Do I need a certain betting account? No, but id recommend you have access to a betting exchange just incase your bookmaker decides to limit your account.


How Does It Work?

Racer Sharp program offers pin point precision and accuracy in making selections on a given race. It doesn’t work for every race, no “system” can offer that sort of spectrum without major flaws or increased risk. When I started developing the formula I was looking for a 100% successful chance of making the correct selection. even if that meant patiently waiting for the right opportunity. The formula only threw up 10 bets over 60 days and one still went on to lose. 9 out of 10 was where I wanted to be, but after a while a decided I didn’t want to take 60 days to get just 10 bets. I want limited quality bets but I want to be looking at around 50-60 bets per month. That’s just 2 per day

I decided to lower the success rate to 90%, seeing as what my current 100% goal had only produced a 90% win rate, if I could increase the bets and take 8/10 then I’d be able to see a lot more profit from the formula.

and so the adjustments began… The increase in selections produced was there but it was suppling too many, 4-5 per day which is just too much for me to be 100% confident on with my own money. Its a fine line when it comes to betting and even finer when it comes to profiting. That’s where Racer Sharp comes in…With a new target of a 95% successful outcome added in, the formula was producing just 1-3 bets per day, 3 being a rare occurrence too. Perfect! Over the next 60 days I placed a total of 108 bets and saw winners from 87 of them. That’s still 21 losers in a 2 month period, 10 losing bets per month. A lot more than I want to see. But I was winning at a rate of 80.5%.


  • Racer Sharp is the whole foundation and the method of betting.
  • This system helps to generate a substantial monthly income through matched betting.
  • It offers users an almost risk-free method of making an additional income online.
  • This system will show you everything that you need to know to become a successful bettor.
  • The tips give you quality advice to allow you to follow horse racing with no need to do any complicated work yourself.
  • You will never have to work for the whole day or no hard efforts.
  • It is a one-time payment and so don’t have to pay monthly or yearly renewals.
  • No recurring charges! This is one time only fee.
  • It cover most (not all) tracks across UK and Ireland and there’s action across both the Jumps and flat season.


  • The problem with value betting is it’s hard, tedious work. And unless you’re a maths whizz with a knack for numbers, you’re going to struggle. Fortunately for you, there is an easy way.
  • If you pay no attention to the price you are getting and simply back the best horse in the race, you will lose. It’s that simple.



My opinion Racer Sharp is highly recommended, I’m so confident it is very easy to use and great fun and using cash out to minimize losses also helps. This system offers something of a factor for questionable tipster services, seemingly pumping out something new every few months. This program is an ideal service for you if you want to earn something a bit extra aside from what you are making right now from your present job. There are different ways of getting the tips to bet on a particular horse. Sign up today and enjoy a lifetime of financial security. Do the smart thing today! This is a 100% legitimate and verified offer with zero risks for you. Remember, there is no risk here. Make the right choice – you have nothing to lose.

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